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Open2016Here, at the Warrior Institute of Chicago, Inc., we teach a scientific systematic study of the fighting arts.  Our well organized system of military/warlike skills from ancient and modern times integrates and explores all aspects of fighting.  Our program helps to instill self confidence and self discipline while fostering the psychological and spiritual values associated with the martial character. The goal of our programs is not only to develop the physical skills needed to survive an altercation, but to also equip our students with the mental, physical and emotional tools needed to achieve their goals in life.

TrailMake the commitment to excellence and start the process to engaging in a healthy lifestyle, with increased self-confidence, awareness and stability.

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2233 West 95th Street • Chicago, Illinois 60643

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See What Our Clients Have to Say:

13177510_10154334636781435_1410959723354844925_n “Thank you Oren Headen (Chief Instructor) for the steadfast leadership that todays youth need. I look back when our son Rowan first started more than 4 years ago and how he has been positively affected by being a martial arts program like the Warrior Institute of Chicago, Inc. Once again please keep up the great work!”

Walter Mitchell

20160120_184614“This institute will reinforce discipline, and teach coordination and proper martial art form. My son enjoys being in the little warriors class. Moreover, this school has built his self confidence. Therefore, if you want your child to participate in a program that is in a safe environment, then I recommend this school!”

Andrea Browning

“The instructor’s engaging and disciplinarian style of teaching inculcates respect and honor. Our children also learn sportsmanship and dedication while having a great time!”


Dr. Charemi A. Jones

10561632_10202766456982743_3892540051170757436_n“The Warrior Institute of Chicago provides a fun, safe atmosphere where my son not only learns self-defense tactics, but also discipline, concentration, and socialization skills. My son has benefited so much in a short amount of time, and he is so proud of his accomplishments. He is very motivated by the potential for belt promotions, and looks forward to every class. Choosing The Warrior Institute for my son has been a great investment.”

Theresa Wright

40303_148464328506166_7938111_n“Martial arts practice is wonderful. Never knew that a kick that is done correctly can exert so much force through a kicking pad and into my body, felt my ribs vibrating. I am a true female warrior! Training with the instructor is no joke, but many lessons are learned.”

Janae Simmons

10712795_860263077326284_8914344484950247830_nThe Warrior’s Institute has been a tremendous influence of discipline and motivation for my son and the leadership of KJN Oren Headen is unmatched!”

Reginald Burke

10712795_860263077326284_8914344484950247830a_nKJN, Oren E. Headen you are a great teacher and role model so it is exciting to see your school grow and progress.”

C. W. Harris

10354750_10152916578886435_4947449629853672166_n “My son and I first became acquainted with the WIC while competing at a tournament. Although he was a student at a rival school, he was immediately impressed with the students and instruction. This was the day my son told me that he didn’t care if he had to start over at white belt, he wanted to be a member of the Warrior Institute of Chicago and he has been overjoyed with his decision every since.”

Nisa Johnson

My children have been under the leadership of Mr. Oren Headen for more than a year now as members of his Martial Arts class and it is one the the best decisions that I have ever made. I have seen a postive change in my childrens behavior and in their grades.

While in his care my children learn about Martial Arts, but it is more than just that they also receive knowledge about how to make themselves better people and good decisions and the other instructors that he has that assist him are helpful to all the children in the class as well.

Being a Warrior Institute parent I feel that I have an extended family that wants the best for my children and all the parents and children and Instructors are so nice and make you feel so welcome. I’m so happy that I chose Warrior Institute Martial Arts School to enroll my children in.

Ms. La-Niai White

My experience with the Warriors institute has been a journey. I remember my first day starting class, I was self conscious , not physically fit and only joined to have an activity that my son and I could take together.

Over the past 6 months I’ve grown stronger physically, my self confidence and self control has reach an entirely different mind set. The warrior institute taught me never to give up and to push past expected limitation. I have a new lifestyle thanks to the warriors institute.

Danyale Van

Walking in knowing I had to regenerate this whole experience was challenging; I knew that defending me was exigent and having confidence and gumption was mandatory. The movies of karate and karate experts always held a special attraction for me for several years. I never thought it would come a day that I would eventually join a team of well disciplined individuals striving to better themselves at defending themselves. Subsequent to the first cardio day at Warrior Institute of Chicago, according to head instructor Oren Headen, “I survived.” In spite of my survival I wanted to give up. However after the third class I realized that it was working. From that point on, I physically felt the change; after each class there was always pain and discomfort.

It was always problematic in the beginning because it became difficult to do things that required the same muscles that were aching; In spite of me struggling with severe rheumatoid Arthritis for almost four years, It manage to support my doctor’s theory for suppressing the pain; she recommend that in spite of the medication, “I should get the joints going, and don’t just sit in pain, maneuver and push yourself.” On the other hand, I found a way to work and disregard what could have easily hindered me. Although I still experience more pain from practicing, at least I know it is coming from wanting to pursue something that makes me happy and my instructors proud. In addition, my condition is not as severe and some days I don’t even experience it. Thanks to the instructors of The Warrior Institute of Chicago I am now making it a habit to strive for excellence with in this art, doing better than the best I can do, and being mindful of my boundaries with exercising and training.

If it wasn’t for the face book story and picture promoting advertisement that had head instructor Oren Headen and his style of Martial Arts (Kuk Sool), I would have not been set on the path of pursuing this class of rigorous training, dedicated practice, meeting and functioning with people that appear to have the same goal in mind.

Christopher Crouse

I enrolled my son and daughter in martial arts to condition their minds for it is the mind that has to learn to act quickly.   The mental benefits my children are receiving from the Warrior Institute are possibly more significant than the physical.

At the institute my children learn focus.   The techniques taught bring all of their attention to an activity designated to a specified body part.  They must maintain concentration in order to execute techniques properly.  My children have also learned that learning is a skill. At the Warrior Institute children work their way through a martial arts curriculum that involves them in learning to learn. The level of challenge, the individuality of instruction, and the visible results all work to make learning martial arts at the Warrior Institute uniquely valuable in the art of learning itself.”

Diane Oliver

The martial arts has had a profound affect on my life. I have been training for over 15 years. Throughout these years I have learned physical skills that have promoted my physical, mental and emotional health. I have exclusively been training under Chief Instructor Oren Headen at the Warrior Institute of Chicago for nearly 4 years. At this school the focus is on character education, morals and values, as well as developing martial skills. It is for these reasons I have enrolled my two children in the Warrior Institute of Chicago, Inc.  As a parent my focus is on developing my children in a wide variety of areas. The programs here at the Warrior Institute concentrate on: focus, control, memory, fitness, motor skills, teamwork, balance, discipline, coordination. In my opinion this is the strength of the programs here. The classes here are what separates martial art training from sports and other extra curricular activities. The Warrior Institute of Chicago’s unique programs, positive professional educated instructors and attention to details is why my family has become dedicated proud members.

Erik Barlow

The Warrior Institute of Chicago has really helped my grandson. 16 months ago he was very shy didn’t have confidence in himself to learn in school or to be social. He let kids younger and smaller than him take most of his toys and school supplies. Thank God to your good and strict teaching and staying on top of their education is wonderful. I saw the first week i attended class you were not about just money, you are about your students getting a good education and having good manners. Thank God for you. Rasheed Dyson will be a warrior for life!

Grace Dyson

The programs at the Warrior Institute have helped me in the a number of ways. First it is a very good way to keep in shape, the workouts are always challenging and I am pushed to do my best. Often I will feel it the next day, which is sign of a good workout. Second, the martial art teaching is second to none. It it practical, thorough and high effective. Not only do you learn martial arts but it builds a confidence that reaches into nearly all aspects of life. A by product of both the the work out and the martial art training is that you learn it is simply mind over matter. If you set your mind on a goal and stick with it, you can attain anything. Let no obstacle stop you, build no excuse to hinder you. Lastly the programs are just fun! It is fun to learn new things. It is fun to see yourself progress. It is fun to actually do things that at first you thought you could not. Training at the Warrior Institute has been a great benefit to me and it could be for you too!

Ron Gray

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