Chief Instructor

Over a span of 3 decades, Mr. Oren Headen diligently and relentlessly endured the training, hardships, and dedication required to excel in the martial arts. As a youth, Mr. Headen was introduced to the martial arts, as his parents instilled the thirst for the martial arts at the age of 7. Over the next 30 years Mr. Headen has trained in Shuri Ryu, Kuk Sool and Martial Science extensively. Mr. Headen was trained by some of the best instructors in this country: Master John Venson (Shuri Ryu), Master Michael Hill (Kuk Sool) and Chief Master Marlin Sims (Martial Science).

Throughout these years Master Instructor Headen has competed in hundreds of tournaments locally, nationally and internationally. His continual practice and dedication awarded him many grand championship titles throughout the country, including placing in every event at the World Kuk Sool Won Tournament in Korea in 2002.

Mr. Headen has dedicated himself to learning and perfecting all aspects of the martial arts.  He has been a student and an instructor, a writer and an author, as well as a producer and a promoter. Few can match his resume of contributing to his students and the martial arts community.

Mr. Headen’s dedication has earned him many top honors and professional achievements including:

  • International Martial Arts Spirit Award presented to him by Grand Master Al Tracey
  • Midwest Regional Self-Defense Title. Won twice (only one other Instructor has achieved this honor)
  • Ranked Number 1 in Self-Defense for the Professional Karate Commission
  • Great Lakes Championship Grand Champion
  • Internationally published freelance writer and photographer
  • Executive Producer Martial Arts DVD Series
  • Co-Authored “100 Ways To Stop An Attacker In 5 moves Or Less”
  • Featured at the Best of Both Worlds Seminar teaching alongside Grand Masters Anthony Muhammad and Master Carlson Gracie
  • Promoting 4 international Martial Arts Seminars
  • In 2002 Mr. Headen created “Art of the Warrior” Martial Arts Magazine and has produced over 75k copies to date of this independent international publication
  • In 2017 Instructor Headen was awarded the Top Martial Art Teacher Award out of 429 schools in Chicagoland by
  • Founder/Chief Instructor Oren Headen is the only Internationally Certified 6th Degree, Master Level Instructor in the art of Kuk Sool in the Chicagoland Area. He has the distinct honor of receiving his certification in Busan, South Korea, making him one of the only instructors to receive this certification in the region.