Certified Martial Arts Professionals


At the Warrior Institute of Chicago, Inc., we know the importance of having knowledgeable, effective, dedicated, and professional instructors. Teaching is an art in itself. Training different types of people with varying abilities is one of the toughest challenges that an instructor can face. Our instructors spend years developing and perfecting their skills, not only as martial artists but also as instructors.

The goal of our programs is not only to develop the physical skills needed to survive an altercation, but to equip our students with the mental, physical, and emotional tools needed to achieve their goals in life. Our Instructors are well versed, educated and nationally certified.

Sharing what we have learned through the years is not our only goal. We seek to gain an understanding of what each student is looking to learn, ways in which we can engage and motivate them, and increasing their level of commitment to excellence in both their martial art (karate) training and everyday lives.