Junior Warriors (7-9)

Our Children Programs are good clean fun for children and a great way to give children a head start in life.


Our Children Programs are good clean fun for children and a great way to give children a head start in life. Children go through distinct stages in their development; physically,socially, emotionally, and intellectually. They are just being to spread their wing and experiencing many wonderful things for the first time. As martial art educators we can greatly enhance their childhood, and make a tremendous impact on their present and future life. Physical growth in this age group is slow but they have gained control of their major muscles which allows them to develop basic skills such as balance, control and coordination. They also enjoy testing their muscles strength and skills along with running skipping, jumping, tumbling, and even dance to name a few. This is a perfect time to teach them fitness skills. Balance wise they are able to stand on one foot, walk on a balance beam, focus to catch small balls, their eye-hand coordination is also good at this time.


“With this age group our main focus is on the 9 basic fundamental skills (focus, control, coordination, memory, total body fitness, teamwork, balance, discipline, coordination between hand, foot and eye.”

The philosophy is one of humility and integrity with the development of mental and physical skills leading to the harmony of body and mind. Besides its physical benefits, it also builds character and promotes social skills and concepts such as team work. Although martial art practice is challenging, it involves using the child’s owns cognitive and physical resources as well as the resources around them. Our martial art program imposes structure and a set routine on children, with freedom within this structure providing a springboard for creative thinking. At the same time it is success-oriented.




Membership Includes

Mondays 6:30-7:15pm & Wednesdays 6:30-7:15pm • Saturday 10:30-11:15am










“The Warrior Institute is a training ground that has been tried and tested and shown to be successful in producing disciplined and focused practitioners of the arts as well as productive citizens. I would recommend the Warrior Institute to all ages young and seasoned for holistic health as well as self defense.” -Keith Denmark

“Awesome school! The students are learning, the instructors care about the kids and I am seeing results! So worth it.” -Heather Ferguson