Junior Warriors (7-9)

Your 7-9-year-old is growing up fast and developing mentally, physically, and socially. Our Junior Warriors program uses martial arts (karate) in a fun and engaging way to help them direct these new capabilities and energies in positive ways!

Our Junior Warriors Program is designed to enhance your 7-9 year old’s mental and physical development at this stage of their lives where they have increasing physical and cognitive abilities. With this age group, our main focus is on the basic fundamental skills of focus, control, discipline, memory, total body fitness, teamwork, balance, hand/eye/foot coordination, and strength.

“With this age group our main focus is on the 9 basic fundamental skills (focus, control, coordination, memory, total body fitness, teamwork, balance, discipline, coordination between hand, foot and eye.”

While 7-9-year-olds are in the process of developing the skills needed for independence, they are not quite at the age where they are seeking complete independence from the adults in their lives. This provides a great opportunity for your child to build a relationship with one of the internationally certified martial arts instructors that lead our children’s martial arts (karate) programs! Our instructors make sure that your kids are engaged and having fun while also benefitting from the teaching and structure of our martial art.

Membership Includes

Mondays 6:30-7:15pm & Wednesdays 6:30-7:15pm • Saturday 10:30-11:15am



“The Warrior Institute is a training ground that has been tried and tested and shown to be successful in producing disciplined and focused practitioners of the arts as well as productive citizens. I would recommend the Warrior Institute to all ages young and seasoned for holistic health as well as self defense.” -Keith Denmark

“Awesome school! The students are learning, the instructors care about the kids and I am seeing results! So worth it.” -Heather Ferguson