This institute will reinforce discipline, and teach coordination and proper martial art form. My son enjoys being in the little warriors class. Moreover, this school has built his self confidence. Therefore, if you want your child to participate in a program that is in a safe environment, then I recommend this school!” -Andrea Browning

“The instructor’s engaging and disciplinarian style of teaching inculcates respect and honor. Our children also learn sportsmanship and dedication while having a great time!” -Dr. C. Jones

“The Warrior Institute is a training ground that has been tried and tested and shown to be successful in producing disciplined and focused practitioners of the arts as well as productive citizens. I would recommend the Warrior Institute to all ages young and seasoned for holistic health as well as self defense.” -Keith Denmark

“Awesome school! The students are learning, the instructors care about the kids and I am seeing results! So worth it.” -Heather Ferguson

“Yes, I endorse the Warrior Institute of Chicago and Chief instructor Oren E. Headen. Academic achievement is stressed and required of all students. Before testing to the next rank, all parents are required to sign a statement saying that the student is doing what they’re supposed to around the house as well as in school and their behavior is appropriate for promotion in rank. This leverage is a powerful tool for behavior modification. Our son has been at the school since he was 4 years old, Rowan has competed in sparring, forms and weapons over that time and now has over thirty 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies. Please know they do not give these away they have to fight for it. (Valuable life lessons here) (No point in all that training and not putting it to the test.) Rowan knows not to start a fight but through his training at Warrior Institute of Chicago, Inc., I’m pleased and confident that he can stand his ground against any bully if the situation arises.” -Walter Mitchell