Our Martial Art

Traditional Korean Martial Art (Kuk Sool) is a beautiful and dynamic “hard-soft” style of martial art, emphasizing speed and fluidity.  At the same time it is an elegant and powerful system which integrates the body, mind, and spirit.

This martial art system is designed to improve and maintain your health, and in conjunction with physical development, helps you to cultivate internal power – retarding the aging process.

The exercises and postures of Traditional Korean Martial Art are designed to incorporate and work all levels of your body. The breathing techniques connect your body and mind, and the concentration exercises are designed to improve your speed and mental skills. The practice of Traditional Korean Martial Art energizes you for the day or diffuses tension from a stressful one. Kuk Sool naturally aligns your body structure and allows your body to move freely with increased agility, balance and grace.

It is a building process. The foundation is laid with individual components being learned first, and training divided up into stages with each stage building upon the next.

The physical training behind Traditional Korean Martial Art is very specific and includes weight resistance training, aerobic & anaerobic conditioning, total body training, hand/foot building and strengthening techniques.

How Does Kuk Sool (Traditional Martial Arts) compare to other martial Arts?